Zac Brown has always been a creator, and learned the importance of devoting himself to his craft early in life. He applies that passion for quality not only to his music, but to all the creative endeavors he undertakes. Zac’s approach to wine is no different. Highlighting the quality of California, Z. Alexander Brown wines are big and bold with uncommon finesse and character. They are reflective of the unlimited potential that can result when a passion for bringing food, people and a sense of place come together.


The intrigue of wine comes from the philosophy that guides it. For us, that means allowing the grapes to be honest, unrestricted expressions of vintage and origin—in others words, “uncaged.” Our winemaking style is perfectly matched to the spirit of Z. Alexander Brown. It reflects our pursuit to create wines that offer bold, assertive flavors, good balance and supple tannins while capturing the richness of California’s North Coast.



“What I remember most from childhood, apart from singing the moment I could talk, was always being in my Grandma’s kitchen and watching her cook. I speak the language of food and truly love it. Bringing good food and wine together with family and friends is a natural  it’s in my blood.”



The owl is a guardian of the vine and myths say it is present when the spirit is set free.  We respect the land and strive to act as long-term stewards. Our commitment to sustainable farming and winemaking practices favor nature over man’s intervention.

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